International Holiday Camp

The OMV provides the British delegation to the annual “Order of Malta International Holiday Camp”, which is hosted by a different nation for a week during the summer.

Over 450 disabled guests and helpers from 20 different countries, in Europe and beyond are involved and the idea is to give the disabled guests a chance to share and experience the culture of another country with like-minded people.

The Team

The “Team” usually comprises of about 20 people, which means Helpers are caring for Guests on an almost one-to-one ratio.

Throughout the week the Guests are given opportunities to try activities that might not normally be accessible to them including; Sailing, Horse Riding, Scuba-Diving, a flight in a light aircraft or Hot Air Balloon. There are also awesome discos each evening that are the highlight for many of the Guests, as wheelchairs rock n’roll the night away.

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In 2019, Germany will be the host nation. Get a taste of the amazing atmosphere by checking out the videos and pictures, below!

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