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The OMV is a charity run and staffed by young volunteers. There are few administrative costs and no salaries to pay. The members of the Committee choose voluntarily to keep the charity running in time set apart from their work and daily-life schedules. We are entirely dependent on donations, and any money given, or raised, therefore goes straight to the cause and really does make a meaningful difference.

“My time volunteering with the OMV has been some of the happiest in my time” – Tommy Galliano (Volunteer)

Our activities help break down the barriers between our disabled guests and our volunteers, and although the volunteers work incredibly hard, both they and our guests are constantly telling us that the experience is always rewarding and great fun. Life-long friendships are made and valuable lessons are learnt.

“The OMV are truly my family … who I love with all my heart” – Jay Hughes (Guest)

It is through your donations that we are able to continue providing these unforgettable experiences for all involved. With your support, we could extend the size and range of our activities, improve the quality of our care and medical equipment, and subsidise those who wish to volunteer with the OMV but cannot afford the cost of doing so.

For further information about fundraising contact the Treasurer [email protected] and for any other fundraising matters please contact the Chairman [email protected] 

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The Order of Malta Volunteers
13 Deodar Road
SW15 2NP

Regular Donation

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