Policies of the Order of Malta Volunteers

Bullying & Harassment Policy, reviewed April 2021:

Bullying & Harassment Policy

Complaints Policy, reviewed April 2021:

Complaints Policy

Confidentiality Policy, reviewed January 2021:

Confidentiality Policy

Conflicts of Interest & Integrity Policy, reviewed September 2020:

Conflicts of Interest & Integrity Policy

Data Protection Policy, reviewed January 2021:

Data Protection Policy

Disclosure & Barring Service (DBS) Policy reviewed January 2021:

Disclosure & Barring Service(DBS) Policy

Ex-offenders Policy reviewed January 2021:

Ex-offenders Policy

Expenses Policy, reviewed February 2021:

Expenses Policy

Expenses Policy for Trustees, reviewed September 2021:

Expenses Policy for Trustees

Fundraising & Sponsorship Policy, reviewed September 2021:

Fundraising & Sponsorship Policy

Instalments Policy, reviewed February 2021:

Instalments policy

Insurance Policy, reviewed April 2021:

Insurance Policy

Anti-Money Laundering Policy, reviewed July 2021:

Anti-Money Laundering Policy

Reserves and Investment Policy, reviewed April 2021:

Reserves and Investment Policy

Risk Assessment and Management Policy, reviewed April 2021:

Risk Assessment and Management Policy

Safeguarding Policy, reviewed January 2021:

Safeguarding Policy

Speak-Up Policy, reviewed September 2021:

Speak-Up Policy

Volunteering Policy, reviewed February 2021:

Volunteering Policy

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